About Us.

About RxGenomix

RxGenomix was created to help healthcare providers harness the science of pharmacogenomics, giving them the power to tailor treatment to the individual like never before. This is called precision or personalized medicine. By helping healthcare providers understand the genetic-driven mechanisms behind the response to medications, they can look at their patients’ DNA to know more, for many medications, precisely which are best for that individual, and at what dosage.

Empowering healthcare providers with this knowledge has several distinct benefits including more effective overall treatment, limitation or avoidance of adverse drug events, more efficient healthcare delivery and significant cost savings.

RxGenomix is currently working with Manchester University to conduct a pilot program helping pharmacists understand the fundamentals of pharmacogenomics. The core of the initiative is a 16-hour Training Program giving them the tools they need to put this science into clinical practice.

The development of the Training Program and the pilot program are a scholarship effort of RxGenomix and the Manchester University Pharmacy Program through a grant from the National Association of Chain Drug Stores Foundation.

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