Integrating PGx into Pharmacy Practice

Pharmacists are the medication experts in the healthcare spectrum and the primary goal of RxGenomix is to make sure they are empowered to lead the way in the integration of pharmacogenomics (PGx) into patient care.

The first step for enabling pharmacists to lead is through formal education on the science and application of pharmacogenomics through the RxGenomix Training Program in Pharmacogenomics. This 16-hour course, offered jointly by RxGenomix and the American Pharmacists Association, provides a solid basis for applying the science to individual patient care.

Our second goal is to change the pattern of PGx implementation. Physicians and labs have tried for several years to integrate PGx into practice with very limited success. By educating and involving the pharmacist in the PGx testing process, a trained expert can give prescribers invaluable guidance on how to apply the results of testing directly to patient care.