About Us

About RxGenomix

RxGenomix was created to help healthcare providers realize the potential of pharmacogenomics, giving them the power to tailor treatment to the individual like never before. Empowering healthcare providers with this knowledge has several distinct benefits including more effective overall treatment, limitation or avoidance of adverse drug events, more efficient healthcare delivery and significant cost savings. The RxGenomix solution is a key strategy to solving for the Quadruple Aim. Everyone wins.

Starting with the RxGenomix Training Program in Pharmacogenomics as a foundation, we provide the education, training, materials, research and support needed for any healthcare provider to effectively apply PGx to their clinical model. Additionally, we also help pharmacists integrate PGx consultations into their practice as an additional reimbursed service.

We understand integrating any new clinical tool into your existing workflow is not without its challenges, so we expect the RxGenomix Training Program in Pharmacogenomics to be just the start of our partnership. RxGenomix provides ongoing support to pharmacists, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other healthcare professionals to help them navigate the changing landscape of healthcare delivery surrounding PGx. We’ve found the path to better healthcare.


We work courageously each day to positively impact the way healthcare is delivered.


We select our partners carefully, working hand-in-hand with them to earn their trust and deliver the very best for our clients together.


We cultivate an open and entrepreneurial mindset in all that we do.


We are inspired to act with commitment and passion by the knowledge we could improve the lives of each person we touch.


We hold health information with the highest integrity and ensure all our programs and processes reflect our unwavering commitment to advancing health care.

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