Fast, accurate COVID-19 testing

serving the Nashville metro area.

Wait times for COVID-19 testing are too long and getting longer, with most taking 3-7 days to return results. That’s why RxGenomix is now offering fast, reliable and minimally invasive PCR testing for the virus that causes COVID-19, because when you need to know, you need to know now. 

Returning to school or the office? Need a negative result to fly? We are now offering 24-hour turnaround, with results from early appointments available SAME DAY. All testing is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at our location in Franklin. 

24-hour PCR testing and a consultation with a healthcare professional – $150*

Call us at (615) 814-2911 to schedule an appointment and make sure to arrive at the location you are scheduled for at least five minutes ahead of time. Most appointments only take 5-10 minutes.

Testing does not eliminate all risk of transmitting the virus, but when combined with a period of staying at home and everyday precautions like wearing masks and social distancing, it can make travel and returning to group settings safer, healthier, and more responsible.

*While RxGenomix does not process insurance for COVID-19 testing, we are advising participants to submit the expense to their insurance or flexible spending plan for reimbursement, as it should be a covered benefit.