COVID-19 Solutions for Employers – Screening and Monitoring

RxGenomix has developed tools and strategies that can help businesses of all sizes.

Are you currently taking any measures across your company? Are your employees on-site? If they are on-site, or hope to come back at any point this year, we strongly recommend you and your company take steps to keep everyone safe. We have a few ways we think we can help.

RxGenomix has a two-part strategy for screening and monitoring: (1) Remote Screening and (2) Point-of-Entry Screening.

Remote Screening

Before ever leaving home, employees can log in on any mobile device or computer and answer a few simple questions to make sure they don’t have any symptoms of infection. This will automatically generate guidance based on the employee’s answers and employers and administrators can monitor the responses through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Point-Of-Entry Screening

Step two is point-of-entry screening and monitoring.  Once they get to the front door, there will be a small tower where anyone entering the facility can check their body temperature. The tower will also scan a badge to track building access and total population within the building. Your company’s administrator will have easy access to all this data.