Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Solutions - RxGenomix

Navigating your way to a more personalized pharmacy solution can be tricky. We can help.

Population Analytics

RxGenomix has built a proprietary suite of analytical tools to help look at an individual’s medical history and determine the potential benefit our approach to personalized prescribing may have for them. With the right information, we can apply that tool across an entire population to help determine and quantify the potential effect a more personalized approach can have across the entire group.

Who It’s For

Applying our advanced analytics across an entire population can help employers, benefit administrators and benefit providers care for everyone they care about. By identifying those who may need a more personalized pharmacy approach, care can be improved and costs can be reduced.

Practice Integration

By adding PGx testing, pharmacists can increase the care they give to their patients and may even have the opportunity to add a new revenue-generating service line to their business. We work to make connections between pharmacists and other healthcare providers, connect them with a partner laboratory and navigate all workflow and payment processes.

Who It’s For

While the pharmacist is a vital part of the personalized pharmacy process, a PGx testing program can actually start with any healthcare provider or practice.

Provider Training

RxGenomix strives to be the leader in empowering healthcare providers to put the power of pharmacogenomics to work for their patients. That’s why we worked with CEimpact to create the 8-hour course Pharmacogenomics: A Training for Pharmacists.

The course is designed to give a solid understanding of the basics of the essential science and how to implement it in clinical practice. However, we don’t stop there. RxGenomix has a wide range of training tools and works closely with all members of the care team from physicians and pharmacists to medical staff and benefit administrators to make sure they have all they need to do their part and help provide the best care possible.

Who It’s For

Pharmacogenomics: A Training for Pharmacists was designed to give working pharmacists and students the opportunity to attain the competencies set out by both the ACPE Standards and the Genetics/Genomics Competency Center. The course will make it possible for pharmacists to apply a pharmacogenomic testing program to their own practice and work with the prescriber to create a truly personal medication therapy plan.

Enterprise Solutions

Looking to apply the benefits of personalized prescribing across your entire organization, but don’t know where to start? RxGenomix works with employers, benefit providers, and more to implement a complete, enterprise-wide solution for improving prescribing. We can work with your existing providers or draw from our network of PGx-trained pharmacists to provide the essential medical services. From there, we combine our population analytics capabilities, practice integration procedures and provider training together to create a solution for you and everyone you care for.

Who It’s For

The RxGenomix Enterprise Solution is for the employer, benefits administrator or other benefit provider who wants to apply forward-thinking tools to their employee benefits, but may not have the healthcare resources in place. We work with your existing resources, supplement as needed and apply our own expertise to the task to give you a complete solution for applying PGx to your population.